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        Taizhou BRIGHT STAR Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd is located in the traffic is very convenient, fast, and enjoy the "China mould town" and the Chinese tangerine town, "award-winning Coastal Park, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang
      Company beautiful environment, strong technical force, is a professional engaged in the development of a variety of mould development and production company, developing and manufacturing products are batteries, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washing machines, color TVs, cars, hollow blow moulding, commodity plastic Mould, the company introduced international advanced CAD / CAE / CAM system software, high-precision CNC machining centers, computerized presses and testing instrument, the full introduction of a large number of outstanding professional and technical personnel and management personnel, establish a perfect production management system and quality of management system to high-precision, high efficiency, high-quality business advantage and good marketing services, has won the trust of customers are production, sales, specifications and technical level of the front ranking counterparts.
      BRIGHT STAR hard work tirelessly climbing, from scratch, from small to large, in manufacturing, marketing, technical services and so achieved a rapid development, Ting-yiu cast a new glory.
      Company's science and technology as guide, quality as the core, with good service and reasonable prices to meet the needs of users, the company wholeheartedly welcome the domestic and international cooperative units to the company's leadership and peer inspection, guidance!